Carriage Houses

Carriage Houses in Kelowna, BC

Carriage Houses in Kelowna, Vernon, Kamloops, and surrounding areas

Discover the charm of carriage homes and coach houses, transforming unused space into something new and functional. Embrace the perfect blend of tradition and modern living by converting your property’s hidden potential into an inviting, cozy retreat. Whether you’re seeking extra living space or a unique rental opportunity, carriage homes and coach houses provide an innovative solution. Unlock the full potential of your property with these timeless, space-saving designs today.

We Understand Your Taste

Experience the magic of carriage homes and coach houses with our unique experience, we are dedicated to showcasing your distinct style. We work closely with you to transform unused space into something new and extraordinary, reflecting your properties personality and taste. Our expert team ensures that each bespoke conversion perfectly combines charm with modern functionality.
Elevate your property’s appeal and unlock its true potential by choosing our exceptional carriage homes and coach houses, tailored to suit your style.

We Partner With The Best

We partner with some of the best tradesmen and craftsmen in BC to bring our clients the best final product no matter the size of the job.
We pride ourselves in bringing your vision to life

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